Download ENSG data on Chambord

Provided by ENSG

License Creative Commons

The data set is available under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives Licence CC-BY-NC-ND-3.0

Cette œuvre est mise à disposition selon les termes de la Licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Pas de Modification 3.0 France. CC-BY-NC-ND-3.0

Conditions of use

Whenever this dataset was involved, the user of this dataset must in every result he distributes, including any scientific or technical publication or any display of an image of the dataset on a digital or on an analog media :

  • Provide the dataset title :
    • "Sample dataset produced by IGN/ENSG in the Domaine national de Chambord" (en)
    • "Données produites par IGN/ENSG dans le Domaine national de Chambord" (fr)
  • Provide the website url :
  • Insert an explicit reference to the IGN/ENSG© copyright followed by the mention that "IGN/ENSG provide this sample dataset for research activities and opensource development, but does not endorse the way they are used in this project or the conclusions put forward".